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5 wellbeing tips for the new academic year

If only one of these helps you to feel better and more balanced about your life and work, this article will have been worth writing!

Posted by @thosethatcan on August 29, 2019

It's easy for teachers to feel anxious about the new academic year. But there's plenty to look forward to.

Posted by @thosethatcan on June 25, 2019

Pre-packaged lesson plans may save time, but they risk removing creativity and spontaneity from teaching.

Posted by @thosethatcan on June 11, 2019

The meaningless quest for perfectionism is toxic – we need to protect our children from a show that actively promotes it.

Posted by @thosethatcan on June 6, 2019

Our pupils' worries extend a lot further than their exams: they're concerned about money, mental health and the state of our politics.

About Emma

Dr Emma Kell has 20 years experience as a teacher and is Head of English with senior leadership experience at a school in North London.
She is also a former Head of MFL. She writes extensively on school leadership and the pressures of teaching, and has recently completed a doctorate on teacher well-being and work-life balance.
She lives in Hertfordshire.

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What was your early career experience?

For early career teachers. I’m focusing for my next project on how we can enhance experiences of early career teachers and would be REALLY grateful for 5 mins for my survey. Thanks!

Link to surveymonkey

How to Survive in Teaching:

Without imploding, exploding or walking away

Drawing on years of research and first-hand experience, How to Survive in Teaching offers support, advice and practical suggestions to help you and your colleagues stay flourishing, positive and most importantly, stay teaching!

Available on Amazon

Emma's passion for teaching and teacher wellbeing shines out from every page in this gem of a book. The combination of informed analysis and practical advice, rooted in research and experience, make it invaluable.” – Sam Collins, Teacher and Founder of Schoolwell, @samschoolstuff

“Sprung from Emma's love affair with teaching, How to Survive in Teaching is a compassionate plea for teachers to take care of themselves. Emma rightly reminds teachers that even if the profession is a vocation, teaching is also a job and must be treated as such.” – Loic Menzies, Director of Education and Youth 'Think and Action-Tank', @LKMco

“Emma had me hooked from the Acknowledgements page. This is a warm, forthright, humane and eminently practical book – for every challenge, there is a 'response' suggesting a way forward. Invaluable advice is offered to new, and not so new, teachers about how to thrive in this mad, wonderful profession. While recognising the pressures and demands of teaching, Emma also celebrates joy.” – Jill Berry, Former Head, now Leadership Consultant, @jillberry102

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